Virtual Assistant in the AAA AUTO Customer Center. 20,000 calls handled by a voicebot in 14 days

Client:AAA AUTO – Aures Holdings a. s.
Period:July — August 2021

The AAA AUTO car center network has been operating on the market for 29 years. From the Czech Republic it has gradually expanded to Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. In 2019, its sales volume amounted to 86,000 cars, and it offers an average of over 16,000 cars per day.

Since the beginning of the cooperation, we have done a really great deal of work. In a very short time, we managed to launch several projects, for which I would like to thank the entire VOCALLS team, who was always ready to help.

If you still don't believe in this technology, you should leave this view very quickly and plunge into the world of voicebots and chatbots. Without them, we can no longer imagine the automation of business and non-business processes, and we believe that we are still only at the beginning of the possibilities that this solution offers.

In all cases, it still shows us that it is not only a full-fledged replacement for operators, but also a great helper.

Main achievments

> 88%
successfully detected requests in call routing
success rate of fully completed 10-question NPS questionnaires
calls handled in August and the first half of September 2021


Make the company's communication more efficient
Unify the standard of customer service lines in all three countries
Provide the client with a practical and user-friendly tool for managing campaigns, call scripts and reporting


The client was already using a voicebot and a chatbot from another provider before starting cooperation with VOCALLS, but this provider’s solution did not allow the client to implement their own campaigns and to participate in the editing and updating of call scripts to the necessary extent.

The client was therefore looking for a replacement solution which would offer more possibilities and would be overall clearer and more intuitive. Also, one of the important requirements for the new provider was the ability to process the reporting at a higher level.

The client was therefore looking for a replacement solution which would offer more possibilities and would be overall clearer and more intuitive.

Technical solutions and implementation

Request handling and four languages

We have created a voicebot that can recognize the most frequent requests of callers: questions about payments, contracts and other documents, complaints, pending transactions, etc. The voicebot then transfers the caller to the correct human operator. In addition to the three primary languages, it can also handle English, which it can recognize and then transfer the customer to an English-speaking specialist.

Customer satisfaction campaigns (NPS)

The voicebot guides the customer through ten questions, it can recognize the voice selection of a number from zero to ten, and it records and evaluates other possible answers. It distinguishes the type of transaction that the customer has made with AAA AUTO and selects the questions that are directly relevant to the customer accordingly.

In both cases (i.e., for both customer line/chat and irregular NPS campaigns) AAA AUTO is able to easily evaluate the results themselves and continuously monitor the statistics.


The voicebot is successfully involved in communication with AAA AUTO customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. It recognizes 10 thematic areas in the fields of buying, selling and trading in cars.

When communicating with a person, the voicebot can correctly identify more than 88% of the topics in all three languages, and in the remaining cases it asks additional questions in order to correctly categorize the request.

It achieves comparable results to human operators in the area of customer satisfaction and often exceeds their success rates. The average success rate of a voicebot in this case is around 26%. That's how many people make it through the ten-question call to the end.

Summary – Routing

13,985 calls handled

in August

19,539 calls handled

in the first 14 days of September

2,000–2,500 calls

well-handled every day

Substantial reduction in unrecognized requests

from 35% in the first test calls to the current 12% in Polish, 8% in Slovak and 7% in Czech.

Summary – NPS

4,876 clients

in CZ, SK and PL who confirmed their identity and were willing to complete the questionnaire

1,264 (25.9%) clients

completed the 10-question questionnaire

759 (15.6%) clients

completed the questionnaire at least partially and answered the most important questions

These figures demonstrate a very accurate categorization of calls. We can also see that the bot is continuously learning and improving. In the first calls we had an unrecognized message rate of over 35%. It's definitely not possible to prepare the voicebot for all situations at the beginning, it needs attention during live operation as well.
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