Voicebot replaces IVR in ČSOB’s Customer Service Center handling 200,000 calls/month

Client:Československá Obchodní Banka, a.s.
Period:January 2020 – October 2021

Navigating a touchtone-based menu structure (IVR) is incomparable with talking to a voicebot. We were surprised that many of our customers didn’t even notice that they were not speaking with a human operator! The voicebot made a big impression on us, not only with the number of calls it handles, but more importantly, its ability to respond to customers and their needs.

Main achievments

replacement of IVR by routing calls to the voicebot
increase in warm transfers to customer service representatives
reduction in internal call transfers
20 sec
time reduction to find out why customers are calling
Full End-to-End automation
more than 50% of calls fully automated; no human interference required


The main objective of deploying voice technology in the ČSOB Customer Service Center was to support handling FAQs and therefore allow more time for operators to deal with complex and more demanding, non-standard requests, while complying with all security and legal regulations related to providing financial services and protecting personal data.

The deployment of the voicebot took place in several phases:

The first step was the replacement of IVR by routing calls to the voicebot. Gradually, selected processes were partially or fully automated (e.g. Smart Key activation, card limit changes, inheritance, over-limit withdrawals at branches). Finally, we linked the voicebot to other banking systems to enable customer identification and authentication, scheduling appointments at branches or sales lead generation.

The main objective of deploying voice technology in the ČSOB Customer Service Center was to support handling FAQs and therefore allow more time for operators to deal with complex and more demanding, non-standard requests.

Technical solutions and implementation

Security and GDPR compliance

In the financial sector, security and protection of customer data are mandatory. The voicebot is therefore installed on-premise, the only external tool it uses is Google Speech-to-Text (STT) transcription. All implemented technologies and procedures are fully GDPR compliant.

During the implementation process, an "agile team" was created to gradually hand over the management and development from VOCALLS to ČSOB. By involving ČSOB employees in the process, over time they were able to take over the implementation of new call scripts, features and change requests.

In line with the corporate identity of ČSOB

Call scripts are created in accordance with the ČSOB Code of Ethics to guarantee respectful and customer-oriented communication. It is important that the customer clearly understands the voicebot. Ambiguous messages which are open to multiple interpretations are being avoided. The voicebot adapts to the customer and explains complex topics and procedures in a simple manner.

The voicebot distinguishes between novice and power users. Novice users likely need additional explanation and repetition, whereas power users, already acquainted with the processes, can interact swiftly. If desired, the voicebot sends the customer a text message with detailed information and instructions and, if required, transfers the call to a customer service representative.

Advanced automated reporting

The solution comes with advanced automated reporting functionality. To monitor conversations with customers, a range of variables and indicators can be inserted into all scripts to collect data in order to improve customer experience and evaluate the voicebot.

Integration of new features

New features integrated directly into the delivered solution include heat maps, live analyses of ongoing calls or a module for testing the voicebot using text inputs.


With the voicebot taking over the IVR, time to identify customer requests was reduced by 20 seconds, warm transfers increased by 35% and internal call transfers reduced by 15%.

More than 50% of calls were fully automated without the need for operator interference.

Compared to the costs of customer service representatives, the voicebot saves up to 65%.

Accomplished at ČSOB

Call routing

The voicebot replaces IVR

Sales lead generation

Internet Risk Insurance

Outbound campaigns

ČSOB Drobné – a campaign of unfinished requests

Self-care educational scripts

Unblocking access to ČSOB Identity or changing debit card limits

Scripts with an advanced integration with other banking systems

Customer identification and authentication, scheduling appointments at branches

Informational scripts responding to the current operational situation

An informative message about a new function: sending payment confirmations when paying by card on the Internet

Service scripts

Inheritance, foreign payments

The number of calls handled by the voicebot is growing: 30,000 calls in January 2021 vs. 200,000 calls in October 2021.

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