Hiring Sales Director – Europe

Position closed

My name is Artem and I am the CEO of VOCALLS.

I am looking for a strong and enthusiastic sales director, somebody I can rely on to build a sales department from scratch for the purpose of entering a new market.

Professional experience:3 — 6 years

Is this you?

  • You have successfully built a sales department from the ground up.
  • You are familiar with the specificities of the European market.
  • You understand the dos and don’ts of remote communication with foreign partners.
  • You have experience with face-to-face sales.
  • You have closed deals worth ________ (fill in the blank for us).
  • You are used to managing the entire sales process from developing an opportunity, delivering presentations and demos, to final contract negotiations, and handing over the account to your team.
  • You can naturally earn the trust of your team, manage, motivate and lead them.
  • You are not afraid of making unpopular decisions and can communicate them to your team in a straightforward way.
  • You take responsibility for your actions and decisions, but you also know when to ask for help.
  • You understand the difference between the process and the result.
  • You speak and write English at the level of a native speaker.

What gives you an edge

  • Experience with selling SaaS.
  • Experience with Pipedrive.

Duties & responsibilities

  • Manage the entire sales department (cold calls, customer support): plan tasks for the sales employees, track their progress and results; prepare documentation and materials for customers; regular team syncs.
  • Onboard, train, and coach new sales employees.
  • Plan medium to long-term KPIs for the sales department, implement strategic plans to reach sales targets.
  • Manage target setting for all sales employees (based on the targets of the entire department), ensure targets are being met.
  • Monitor and analyze progress, report successes, and challenges.
  • Prepare and implement complete and accurate reporting.
  • Optimize the sales department workflow, ensure proper use of CRM.
  • Manage, retain and grow clients: maintain strong and meaningful relationships with clients and prospects to ensure exceptional service and identification of potential new sales opportunities.
  • Keep the client database updated.
  • Be in charge of the preparation of case studies, translations and other materials in foreign languages.
  • Oversee accounts receivable.
  • Be personally involved in sales presentations for big clients, supervise large and complex accounts, and act as a “player-coach”.
  • Spearhead business development initiatives that are consistent with the company’s overall strategy.
  • Be willing to travel for face-to-face meetings.

What we offer in return

  • A competitive salary depending on your qualifications and interview results + a performance bonus.
  • Work in a company where people are genuinely interested and involved in product development.
  • An immediate superior who is ready and willing to listen to new ideas and entrust you with their implementation.

Position closed

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